Mission Statement

Chinese Restaurant Foundation

Chinese Restaurant Foundation is the first non-profit organization for development of the Chinese Restaurant Industry with Federal ID#45-3831677


Unify the Chinese restaurant industry, promote its development, and bolster communication among its members;

Unite the Chinese Restaurants across the entire United States, hosting the annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurant Awards Competition and ceremony, to promote exchanges and cooperation among the industries;

Promote the exchange of visits of the culinary cultures between China and the United States, to bring more talent Chinese chefs to the United States, and to attract more restaurant investment from aboard to the United States, to improve the competitative capability of American Chinese Restaurant Industry。


  1. Assist various local Chinese culinary associations across the US with applying for funds and promote overseas Chinese culinary organizations.
  2. Promote Chinese and American culinary culture interaction with an emphasis on increasing understanding in North America and the spread of Chinese cuisine across the culinary realm.
  3. Provide fi nancial help to up and coming chefs so that they can compete in international culinary competitions.
  4. Help famous Chinese chefs step onto the world culinary stage and strengthen ties between chefs in the US and China.

2013 Working Plan

  1. February 2012 — Chinese Restaurant Foundation will host the “Chinese New Year International Festival” , to celebrate the year of the snake, together with American friends loving Chinese food and culture, through traditional Chinese food, culture, art, and history.
  2. February 16th, 2012 — Chinese Restaurant Foundation will host the 9th Top 100 Chinese Restaurant Awards Ceremony to highlight the best Chinese cuisine and culture of the year, spanning the entire United States.
  3. May 2013 — Chinese Restaurant Foundation will set up a Chinese cuisine themed booth at NRA Show 2013 and will through this promote Chinese cuisine’s signature dishes.
  4. September 2013 — Chinese Restaurant Foundation will hold an Autumn Festival promotion activity that will be promoted through various e-publications.